Week 1: Day 2

So this is what it really feels like to be hungry.

I feel ok, I actually have a decent amount of energy, I’m a wee bit dizzy, but in all honesty I feel ok.

Except for this insane gnawing hunger. I’m told it’ll get better and I won’t feel that way anymore after a while. I’m seeing where I’ve messed up on other food plans before. I’d get hungry and since “I could eat anything” as long as I “counted it”, that’s just what I would do.

On this? Notsomuch. Dammit, these things cost $3 a piece and I’m going to use them properly. I definitely had the thought of “ok, no snack and then I can have soup AND a bar for dinner.” Nope. That’s not “as directed.” I feel like food is everywhere though. On TV, billboards, at work, all over my pinterest feed, my entire blog reader… I may need to change some of my reading habits for a while.

My first class is tomorrow, where I will weigh in and meet with others in a similar situation. In the mean time, it’ll just be another Thursday at school.

I’m debating making a weight loss reward list for myself… more on that tomorrow.

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