Week 1: Day 3


I went into my first class at the Weight Management center today. I was excited to talk to the dietician, and the nurse and doctor about how I’ve been feeling.

I’m still a bit dizzy, but less so than yesterday. I guess cutting 2200 calories from my diet in one fell swoop will do that to a girl.

So I walked in to the center and the receptionist remembered me from Monday and asked how my first days were going. She said she liked my enthusiasm! The nurse called me right back into the exam room and I got on the scale, not expecting much.

I’ve lost 3.1 pounds in 3 days.

Wait, what? That’s more than I lost the whole time I was on Weight Watchers last time. Maybe I really can do this…

The class was interesting, and something I’ll file away for when I prepare my own food again. The dietician was fantastic, nice, and supportive, just what I needed.

One day at a time…


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