Week 1: Day 6

If this were a normal week, tomorrow would be my weigh-in day. But, because my first appointment was on a Monday, I started OptiFast on a Tuesday, my first week will be 9 days instead of 7. Oh well.

I spent a lot of the day today with my mom, who is so wholeheartedly supportive of me and this journey, which makes it so much easier. She’s enthusiastic, which makes me feel so hopeful that this is really “it”. We took a trip to World Market and I got a few sugar-free Torani syrups to try in my shakes, and “bopped around” the suburbs for a while. I noticed that I had significant energy, and it’s almost like that shroud of sleepiness I had most of the summer is lifting.

I was less hungry today, most noticeably so in the afternoon. Again, it may just be this weekend schedule, which I’m going to try to stick to at school. Time to learn to like black coffee…

I’m also starting to get a little worried about getting bored with the choices I have available to me. I got some sugar-free jell-o today, and some 10-calorie low-sodium chicken broth to maybe tide me over when I’m sick of the shakes. For now, I’m good.


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