Week 1: Day 7

Another school day is down in the books… I’m realizing exactly how out of it I was last week when my teammate asked me today why/how exactly I’m spending SO MANY DAYS on one unit. I honestly don’t even think I realized it. Oh well. The students could use an extra couple days on calendar vocabulary.

I tried a slightly different schedule today, with OptiFast products at 7, 9:30, 11:30, 3:30 and 7 p.m. Something about the slightly later breakfast-time one helped me not get so ridiculously hungry. Another thing that’s helping? BeneFiber. Seriously. That stuff is AWESOME.

I proudly avoided: peanut butter cupcakes, danish, apple cider donuts, and white chocolate chip cookies today.

I also realized something: I have to completely change my leisure computer reading. Almost all of my blog subscriptions are food-related. Not that I don’t LOVE my food blogger friends, and I do, but the temptation is just a little much for me right now.

I tried some sugar-free jell-o today too. Definitely don’t like jell-o. Nope. Not at all.

Also, if there’s anyone reading who’s done this program, or knows anything about it… I can’t stomach the reconstituted bouillon soup. It’s just gross. I got some low-sodium boxed chicken broth which has a whopping 9 calories a cup. Think that’s “ok”? I’ll be finding out for sure on Thursday…



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