Week 1: Day 8

Well, I told all my work friends about this whole OptiFast thing today. They’d asked me where I’d been at lunch lately, so I finally just told them, and they were are amazingly supportive. It’s just another testament to the fantastic place I work. My support system just keeps getting bigger, which I’m thinking will help me stay on track.

I noticed something today.

While I’m absolutely exhausted when I get home from a day of work, it’s less of a physical exhaustion and more of a mental one. My joints aren’t hurting like they did. My skin is clearer. I’ve had a bit of a headache, but who knows what that’s from. I get headaches if an ant falls off a leaf.

This can’t be from losing weight already, but I’m thinking it’s from the lack of crap I’ve been consuming.

In talking to my friends today, I realized that I feel better overall than I have in months. My stomach doesn’t ache when I go to bed. The haze of a nearly-permanent food coma is gone. I can focus enough to grade more than 5 papers at a time…in fact, I’m all caught up for the first time in years. It’s amazing how much time I have when I’m not shopping, planning, cooking, photographing, and writing about everything that I cook! Not that I don’t love and miss that, but the break and the reset is quite welcome.

I’m living by these words by Hippocrates lately: “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”. In fact, I made this to print out… (you can too if you want).


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