Week 1: Day 9

Weird… still in week 1 but it’s day 9… Things like this amuse me.

Yeah, I’m a strange one.

Today went pretty well; I’m finding that while the first few days, I avoided the lunch room to avoid temptation, I missed the social time. There’s only so much interaction with middle schoolers one can do before a conversation with someone my own age is necessary.

I’ve started eating bars in the middle of the day instead of the ready-to-drink shakes, and I’m finding I’m less hungry in the afternoons. I’m really thinking it’s all a fluke. I am enjoying soup in the evening though, and I made some “chili” with my tomato soup mix. It sort of hit the spot.

Even the husband is noticing an increase in my energy level. Last night, I cleaned out and organized my makeup (quite a job) and organized some of my crocheting stuff. Tonight, it’s 9 and I’m not in bed yet. This is definitely new.

I’m really curious to see how I’ll be feeling in a few weeks, and how my weigh in goes tomorrow!


  1. I know it’s random, but I happen to come across your blog from a link on your food blog, which I randomly found in Google when I searched “What’s for dinner?”. 🙂 It’s been very interesting to read and I think I’ll continue to read as you post. Good luck!


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