Week 2: Day 1

(Wrote this last night, never hit publish! Whoops!)

I entered this new week so encouraged with my weight loss from the previous 10 days. It’s a good thing too, because it was FULL of temptations! Pizza at lunch, Chinese food at dinner, the scent of Jimmy John’s bread baking at the mall… but I stayed strong!

The OptiFast chocolate bars are probably my favorite craving buster so far. They have the same texture as a Storck Chocolate Riesen (remember those ridiculous commercials where the English didn’t match the original German filming?) but they are all chocolate flavored. I had one for a snack and it kept the cravings at bay.

While my husband and MIL ate amazing-smelling Chinese food, I made a bowl of the tomato soup and it was all good. I have a weekend full of plans, which will help me not get bored and want to “cheat”.

Keep on keepin’ on…


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