Week 2: Day 2

Photoshoot in the morning? Check!

Target shooting in the afternoon? Check!

Movie in the evening? Check!

Temptations galore? ALSO FREAKING CHECK!

I made my new favorite morning shake, a chocolate powder shake made with 8 oz. coffee pulled out of my super-fancy automatic espresso machine mixed with a tablespoon of sugar-free hazelnut Torani syrup. Its kind of Nutella-ish, which is delicious.

I headed out to a local forest preserve for a photoshoot with a friend of a friend, and while there were no temptations there (unless you count deer poop and horse chestnuts) but the drive home consisted of driving past 4 Starbucks, 2 Portillo’s, and countless hot dog stands and fast food joints. Did I stop? Nope! I drove straight through to the car dealership where I had maintenance done on my newly paid-off car.

The hubs and I went target shooting and I did fairly well. Let’s just say, if you’re a guy made out of paper hanging from two binder clips, I can totally kick your butt.


The real test came tonight when we went to the movies. There’s this amazing fancy theater by us that has bar service, a full restaurant, waiter service at your reclining movie seat, and those amazing wine towers where a little card allows you to sample different wines. I always got soft pretzels with cheese dipping sauce or burgers or fish and chips. Instead I snuck in my bar and got a giant iced tea.

I happily watched Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johannson in all their glory on a big screen for almost 2 hours, and didn’t even miss the pretzels/burgers/fish and chips. I’m lucky that movie popcorn isn’t really my thing.

I’m thinking tomorrow I may try out my new workout DVD my friend Gina just released… That is, after I sleep in and catch up on my DVR. Except I don’t really sleep in. And my DVR is empty…

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