Week 2: Day 3

Holy tummy rumbles today!

This might be filed under TMI, but all my stomach has done today is rumble. It rumbled when i was hungry, when I’d eaten, when I was just sitting there… Nothing was really different, I guess that’s just what the stomach felt like doing today. I hope it calms down before I have to teach tomorrow!

As for food, again the weekend schedule was a lot more manageable than my weekday schedule. But alas, I can really only eat during the school day at specific times, but I’m liking waiting on my first shake until a little later. 6 a.m. is just too early for anything.

I tried out the SoliBeat Workout DVD this morning. I made it through warm ups and one of the dances (about 10 minutes) and really enjoyed it! I felt like an idiot but it was definitely fun. Maybe tomorrow I’ll pull my you-know-what together and go for a walk before work. I can do 15 minutes… DAMMIT, now it’s out there and I have to do it. Alarm is set for 5 a.m… if it’s too dark, I’ll do it after work.

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