Week 2: Day 5

Oh what I wouldn’t give for some roasted brussels sprouts and a grilled steak about now.

Who the EFF am I?? I mean, I’ve always loved veggies and well-prepared meat, since I was a little girl. But really, to think at about 4 p.m. instead of “ooh ice cream”, “ooh brussels sprouts” makes me think that my thought process might really be changing.

I’m learning that I need to consume my products so that I don’t get lightheaded, bitchy, and crabby rather than for the taste of them. Sure, my chocolate/caramel/coffee frappe thing in the morning is yummy, and my tomato soup at night is warm and comforting. But I’m not feeling that sense of panic when I don’t know what’s for dinner. I stayed late at school to cheer my students on for their volleyball game and didn’t have to worry about dinner. OH and I learned my lesson and brought an extra product. No more hangry Mara 🙂

I’m already feeling lighter too. Not just in the whole weight loss sense (which is happening a bit, my jeans are sagging in the butt after a day of wear instead of being painful) but in the “what I ate today didn’t make me feel like crap” sense. I don’t feel bogged down by the carby coma that would hit me at about 3 every day.

Every day is my baby step in the right direction. I’m keepin’ on keepin’ on.


  1. I did the bars and shakes thing too for a while, and I remember how it was incredibly liberating to not have to prep for meals anymore. I’m back at watching what I eat (the MyFitnessPal app is brilliant) and I’m in a similar headachy/lightheaded phase as you are — but my body is also getting used to this new way of eating and adapting pretty well. And I’m starting to really TASTE my food again and I’m appreciating those tastes. And the feeling of being satisfied after being hungry. So often we eat even when we’re not hungry so we don’t remember what it feels like to BE hungry. Keep up the great work, Mara! I’ll be following… 🙂


  2. I was wondering if I am the only person who feels a bit liberated by not having to worry about getting to a stove or microwave (or a restaurant, more likely) to get a meal. I even have my lunch break free to do other things because my schedule doesn’t have me eating during that time. Freedom!


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