Week 2: Day 6

Something interesting happened today.

I had a photo shoot with a friend of mine this afternoon, a musician, who needed some photos for his next album release. (Ok, seriously, my photos on an album?!) We’d done one shoot a week or so ago, and he’d had more ideas and it was GORGEOUS out, so I headed over and we started shooting.

I noticed that whereas a few months ago, I shied away from putting my photo subjects in poses that required me to move too much.

Today, I was up a hill, down a hill, shooting from above, below, and a quarter mile down the road in a soybean field. Then I came home, ate some soup, did a grad school assignment, researched iPad apps, watched some TV, and am just now thinking about getting to sleep.

Two weeks ago, I’d have been nearly asleep on the couch after half as busy a day as today.

Speaking of sleep, I wear a FitBit Flex nearly 24/7. It tracks my steps, very active minutes, calories in and out, and sleep patterns. I was being awakened for one reason or another between 15-20 times a night. Now? Just 5-10. Don’t know how it works, but I’ll take it.


Tomorrow is weigh in and product purchase day. Can’t wait to post tomorrow night!


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