Week 3: Day 1

Week 3 began full of challenges. A meeting that was supposed to be at a local bar after school got moved to a favorite Mexican restaurant where, just a month ago, I ate a truly delicious steak burrito. Today though? Diet coke with lime. No chips, no salsa, no burrito. I sat with my colleagues, planning out our scholastic bowl schedule, chatting and laughing, not even noticing that I hadn’t eaten anything. Sure, the chips smelled great, and the gooey cheese on one plate of quesadillas would probably have made me swoon if I’d let it… but I didn’t.

I came home to make a bowl of tomato soup, which I’ve mastered making taste fantastic. A teaspoon of lemon juice, and some pre-mixed “pizza seasoning” from our spice rack, and it’s a delicious warm meal. I hadn’t realized that I was a product short, so a smoothie it was. Since it’s fall, out came the pumpkin spice! It needs some tweaking, but it was delicious.

I’m constantly looking for quotes and sayings to keep me motivated. I ran across this today, and, since it’s Friday night and I’m procrastinating grading my mountain of papers in the car, I made this:


Nothing worth anything is ever truly easy. Everything important takes effort or work or both. Sure, I may struggle here or there, but I’m trusting that it’s going to be worth it!


  1. Hey, find a way to make cooking apart of your routine. Something like adding pumpkin spice to your food or something like that. Take time and enjoyment out of making the food you eat. explore different ways to make the food you eat. good or bad. it’ll help and help you enjoy cooking again.


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