Week 3: Day 2

I’m giving myself a major pat on the back for today.

I went to my good friend’s birthday party, just a get-together to watch the Blackhawks game, nothing too fancy. I went with a plan. I had a bar and ready-to-drink shake in my purse, and ate the bar as soon as I got there. This helped me avoid the munchies table (full of bacon-cheddar-ranch dip, chips, queso, and cookies. And liquor.) Dinner was then a grill-fest of bratwurst and Italian sausage and grilled peppers. Sausage and peppers are among my favorite foods.

I held strong. I drank a glass of water, played with the 3-month old puppy, and the hubby and I left not long after that. I came home and ate my soup. PHEW!!! That was some serious self-control to not say “screw it” and eat everything in sight.

I’m noticing little things as I lose bits of weight. My jeans don’t hurt my belly at the end of the day. I haven’t had a headache in almost 2 weeks. Something I’m looking forward to? Wearing heels again without feeling like death after a couple hours.

I’m off to bed… I’ve got a busy day tomorrow!


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