Week 3: Day 6 (On really being hungry)

Oh I thought I knew hungry.

You try working 14-hour days with groups of five year olds outside in the Chicago sun for 10 weeks. I swear, I knew hungry.

Really, what I knew, was bored, stressed, tired, happy, sad… now though, now I know hungry.

What I had felt before was an annoyance more than anything. It was a “I feel like eating” pang, rather than a true hunger pang. In the last nearly 4 weeks, I’ve felt real hunger. And I’ve felt the satisfaction of being not hungry anymore.

I’ve counted it out, and 21 weeks brings me through Valentine’s Day. I cannot wait, really and truly, to feel that satisfaction of hungry to just barely not hungry when eating clean, real food. I can’t imagine how much farther I’ll come in these weeks…

I seriously cannot believe I’ve been at this 3 full weeks already, and I haven’t had one “cheat” or one “break” in the program.



  1. Well done!! Congrats and keep up the good work. I’ve been on it for 3 weeks also and have zero hunger pains! I’m on 3 optifast a day and a large bowl of veggies. First 2 weeks were hard but got through it. Now it’s very easy..best of luck stay strong!


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