Week 4: Day 1 (My first “Dinner”)

Many weeks ago, we were invited to attend services at my mother-in-law’s synagogue, followed by a dinner.


I don’t think I’d ever been so thankful to see a family-style meal. While everyone else ate their baked fish and cous cous, I ate my berry bar, drank diet soda and chit-chatted. It was a very nice and calm evening, and it was SO great to see my in-laws; it had been a while!

I noticed something on the way home though: I was hungry. My normal “soup for dinner” routine had been interrupted, and the bar just wasn’t as satisfying as a bowl of soup. What was interesting, honestly, was that the hungry feeling wasn’t in my stomach. It was in my mood. I was crabby as all get-out, exhausted, and made the decision once we got home to just go to bed before I ate anything else.

Hence the morning post.

But I survived, and here I am with my morning shake (with coffee and sugar free caramel syrup!) proud to say I stuck to plan.



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