Week 4: Day 4 (On Consciously Doing Nothing)

For the past, oh, nearly 3 years, I’ve spent most weekends doing very little.

Ok, that’s not true. I did a lot of eating, cooking, baking, grocery shopping, futile clothes shopping, ridiculous shoe shopping…you get my drift.

So much of our weekends before were centered around food. We’d go out for breakfast, maybe run a few errands, sit around until it was time for lunch, then more sitting around until dinner, or dinner and a movie.

Suddenly, with less food focus, I’ve found myself with all this free time. I can come straight home after school, no grocery shopping. Weekends, while still “OMG time to eat”, I can just bust a bar out of my purse and be good.

Today was my first day off since Labor Day. We spent a lot of the weekend out and about; I walked for a good 30 minutes at the outdoor shopping center, we looked at adoptable pets, went to a trade show, and saw Gravity in 3D IMAX. (That movie deserves a post of its own…likely tomorrow.) I made the conscious decision that today, my first day off since Labor day, I would do little to nothing.

So that’s what I did. I didn’t get dressed. I tidied the living room and kitchen. I crocheted 12 rows of my blanket. I made one delicious shake and one meh one. I drank lot of water and watched like, 9 episodes of Supernatural. I played with the dog, and took photos of my mom’s dog who we are puppy sitting. Her name is Stella and she’s the fluffiest and sweetest Goldendoodle I’ve ever met!


It was nice to make the decision to not do anything, as opposed to HAVING to do nothing because I was so tired.


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