Week 4: Day 5 (I want steak)

Yep, I want steak.

Or roasted chicken.

Or a Chipotle burrito bowl with spicy salsa.

I really just want to CHEW something.

They warned me this would happen… so I had 2 bars today instead of my usual 1. It helped a bit.

I think it’s funny that what I’m craving is chewy protein and not what I normally crave when I’m dieting. Normally I want macaroni and cheese (I’d settle for cheese). Or pizza (again…cheese). Or pasta bolognese (I’d love just a bowl of the sauce).

Everything, with the exception of my one bowl of soup a day, is sweet. The shakes are sweet, the bars are sweet, the other shakes are sweet… I can change the type of sweet, or amount of sweet, but it’s sweet.

Nice roasted chicken with some fresh veggies would be perfectly lovely. Or some grilled salmon on a salad…

And I’ve already decided that the FIRST thing I’m cooking when I’m back on solid food is my favorite bolognese sauce atop spaghetti squash. Or polenta. Yep. That’ll do.



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