Week 4: Day 6 (Fishing…for compliments)

I’m a slave to the trendy when it comes to technology.

I’ve been on Twitter since 2006, and instagram since 2011. These newer trends of theme day instagram hashtags (#transformationtuesday, #throwbackthursday, #flashbackfriday, etc.) are just up my alley. I love digging out old pictures.

I wasn’t going to do progress pictures per se, but I do take pictures here and there, and if I happen to notice a change, awesome.

On a whim, for #transformationtuesday, I posted this yesterday:


The left photo is from my trip with my sister to Florida in mid-August. The right is from Saturday. Once I posted it, my instagram and Facebook BLEW UP. I got comments, likes, thumbs-ups, and each one was motivation.

And this is from today:


I’ve lost a few chins already. I wore a 2-year-old cardigan today that I couldn’t button last winter. This is only a 16 (or maybe a few more) pound change. I can’t wait to see what is down the road…


  1. A – You are so blonde!
    B – Those glasses are adorable.
    C – It really does look like a big transformation so far, and I’m excited to see how fantastic you look as you progress.
    D – Fitting into old clothes and having more energy are a couple of the best motivators out there. 🙂


  2. Great job Mara! I know its tough with all the food that’s out there, but the fact that you have the motivation and determination to stick with this, means that once you bring food back in you can be in control of the food instead of the food being in control of you. Woop!!


  3. Congrats!!!! I am also working on losing weight and fitting into old clothes is a pretty good motivator as well as a physical way to see results. I have a whole slew of them that I’m slowly fitting into until I get to the weight I want. You look awesome!


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