Week 4: Day 7 (So close, yet so far)


Again I say, HOLY CRAP!!! I lost 3.8 pounds for a total of 19.9 in 4 weeks. I really should’ve gone to the bathroom again to hit that 20 lb. mark, but at least I know I’ll hit it next week!

I’m really really trying to not get hung up on how far I still have to go in this weight loss journey. If I continue losing at this rate (which will likely NOT happen, it’s just the way it is) I’ve got at least 20 MORE weeks to go. I know that I won’t lose at this rate, and will likely have at least a year.

At least.

I have 120 pounds left to go.

But I’m not going to focus on that…

I’m going to focus on the fact that 4 weeks ago, I had 140 pounds to lose. And taking that first step is harder than the whole journey.


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