Week 5: Days 2 & 3

A bulleted list of what I avoided having at my friend’s son’s birthday party:

  • chili
  • hot dogs
  • pretzels
  • beer cheese
  • candied nuts
  • tortilla chips
  • salsa
  • guacamole
  • 4 kinds of cupcakes
  • beer
  • hard spiced cider
  • wine

What I did have at my friend’s son’s birthday party:

  • a berry OptiFast bar
  • 2 diet wild cherry pepsis
  • a lot of fun
  • an hour of holding their newest family member, 3-month old Addelyn
  • great conversations

What was funny was that, while I missed the snacking and the eating, I knew exactly what all those things taste like. And it’s not like I’ll never eat them again!

I’m pretty proud of myself for not indulging…it would’ve been too easy!

Also, please say hello to our newest family member, our yet-to-be-named adorable tortoiseshell kitten! She’s 5 months old and a rescue!


After a fun morning of a 3-family photo shoot, we went to PetSmart and adopted her! Can you tell I’m excited? Our dog is über-curious, and the other cats seem to be fairly indifferent. I was so excited that I forgot to eat… circle the calendar, that’s a first.

I’m thinking weekend posts might be mushed together into one from now on… really, they’re never that exciting.


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