Week 5: Day 6

Well, here I am.

Midway through the first evening of parent-teacher conferences.

Allow myself to pat myself on the back here:

In order to not be stuck in my basement classroom for literally 13 hours, I decided to leave the building with a few coworkers (hi Kristina!) and join them at a casual local Mexican restaurant. I drank a pre-made shake on the way so I wouldn’t be hungry, and managed to avoid the warm chips and house-made salsa, street-style tacos, and my usual horchata drink. Honestly though, the company and fresh air was what I needed, and just smelling the fish tacos was good enough for me. More than enough actually. We arrived back at school and I was ready to face my 5 parent meetings with a smile.

I weigh in tomorrow morning instead of tomorrow evening. Since conferences go until late, I get to go in late…so my doctor’s appointment and weigh-in are early in the day. I’m really curious as to how the week went, because I feel pretty fantastic. 🙂

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