Week 5: Day 7 (Long Days)


Another 5.3 pounds gone in another week. I could really get used to these results!

Results are really what have kept me going, especially the last few days. Working until 8 p.m. when my normal bedtime is around 9 has put a damper in my regular schedule. Luckily, I managed to time my eating so that I could still have soup when I got home, which makes it so I know that it’s a) night time and b) time to stop eating for the day.

Today’s weigh in brought a few other things as well! I hit my first 25 pounds gone, which means I’m rewarding myself with a haircut at the fancy salon tomorrow! I’ll make sure to post a photo. It also marks the point where I “only” have 100 pounds to lose until I hit the “healthy” BMI range. I also had blood work done, so I’ll be really curious to see if there are results there as well.

I noticed today, while getting dressed, that there are a few places where I used to have rolls, or “squish” as I call it, that I no longer do. The small of my back, for one, my shoulders are narrower, and I could, for the first time, sit at a student’s desk during a parent-teacher conference today. It was lovely.

And, in honor of #throwbackthursday and the fact that my sister is going to Paris… a photo of us at 5 and 1 (I’m the big sister!)



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