Week 7: Day 1 (Small Goals)

It’s really amazing to me how second nature this whole “eating only Optifast products” thing has gotten. I look forward to my morning shake (even though it’s getting cold out and the whole frozen beverage thing might not be the best idea soon.) and I really enjoy my evening soup. It’s kind of strange though. I miss cooking: the preparation, the chopping, the shopping… but not so much the eating. It’s weird.

I’ve been thinking a lot about goals too. I get so focused on the number that I’m hoping to hit someday soon, that I lose track of the smaller goals I’m hoping to hit. I’m not talking about numbers here either. This is something that an old Weight Watchers leader once asked us to do, and I’m doing it again, right here, right now:

  • Shop at Banana Republic again
  • Fit into clothes at Lululemon
  • See my collarbones and jaw bones
  • Wear heels for longer than a couple hours
  • Be satisfied with a small plate of food, instead of a mountain
  • Be able to run up the stairs without being winded (really close to that one!)
  • Buy any pair of glasses from Warby Parker without worrying about how wide they are.
  • Run the PanCan 5K
  • Wear a belt

I’ll add more as I think of them. I think this is a great start!


  1. I really needed to read this this morning!! Thank you for that. I have been battling with the scale and needed to get my focus on other goals and accomplishments!! Love reading about your journey, keep up the good work.


  2. I randomly found your blog when I tried to search for dinner recipes… if you want to get started with exercise, consider signing up on dailymile.com there are several people there who have been where you are and they are now extremely accomplished athletes, or on their way there. I don’t work for the site or anything, I just like it.


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