Week 7: Day 7


Down another pound and a half! TWENTY EIGHT POUNDS TOTAL!!!

I’m averaging 4 pounds a week, which is above average. I’ve never EVER been an above-average weight loser.

We had a really interesting class today about “stick with it-ness” and I shared with the class about how this all started out as a “have to” endeavor. I had to lose weight to be healthier, to get in a good place to start a family, get my cholesterol down, etc.

And then I was able to buy a pair of pants off the rack at Old Navy. And it’s turned into a “want to” thing. The health stuff is amazing, but honestly, the superficial stuff is great too, and really a phenomenal motivator.

A friend at work today gave me a huge hug and told me she’s proud of me. THAT meant a lot. And so did the number on the scale, but that’s just quantitative proof that what I’m doing is working. I prefer the qualitative proof…the comments, the smaller clothes, the feeling better.

And can you all tell I’m in a data-driven class for grad school? Qualitative and quantitative? Who am I?

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday…it’s been a LONG week!

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