Week 8: Days 1-3

I know I know, it’s been a while. (Sorry especially to my one student reader, B, I know you like, LIVE for this)

That whole “living not blogging” thing has been going on; there really hasn’t been too much exciting happening in OptiFast land. I haven’t done a bullet point list in a while, so why not do one today…

More things I’ve noticed/experienced since beginning OptiFast:

  • Students have started commenting that I look different. They’re middle schoolers, so I know they’re not BS-ing me!
  • While I still have a lot more energy, I’m still really sleepy at the end of the day, but then can’t fall asleep. I guess it’s a catch-22, huh?
  • I still don’t really like the “shaken in my cup” shakes.
  • I’m really sad when I’m out of bars.
  • I cooked chili for my husband the other day, and I realized that I miss the process of cooking more than the eating. Weird for sure.
  • I’m still in awe of the amount of free time I have that is not occupied by food-related thoughts. My only one this week so far? Hey, I need to grab a new book of checks by Thursday.
  • I noticed that I ran up the stairs this morning and wasn’t out of breath for the first time in 2 years.
  • Hubby says my “boob to belly ratio” is less than 1:1, which for someone built like me is MAJOR.
  • Family functions and going out to eat aren’t nearly as difficult as I thought they’d be.
  • I still really want some salmon and brussels sprouts. Hmph.

A dose of kitten:



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