Week 8: Days 6-7

Well, it’s no secret that I can’t count.

Yesterday’s post should’ve been days 1-5. Oh well. My students even mock me because I really can’t count. I mess up their paper passing out aaaallllll the time.

Anyway, speaking of numbers:


That makes a grand total of 31.3 pounds lost so far! WAHOO!

I’m not going to lie, it was a rough week. I ran out of bars fairly early on, and I didn’t realize how much I need the whole chewing thing until it wasn’t an option. It got to the point yesterday where I almost froze my shake to a solid so that I would have something to chew. But I ordered more bars, and I’ve already had one. So much better!

I meet with my doctor next week, and I’m curious to see my bloodwork numbers. Also, I’ve realized that, provided I stay on the products-only phase (save for some veggies and a bit of turkey on Thanksgiving) I will get to start eating one meal a day right at New Years.

That’s a heck of a start to a new year!

The other thing keeping me sane? That’s only 46 days from now. I’ve already been doing this for 56 days, so whats another 48? I got this.


  1. I am curious – are you doing this all on your own or do you participate in a weekly group therapy? My program has a 2 hour weekly group that is required. I read about your doctor appointments, but I haven’t heard about any group. I’m wondering if your Optifast program is different.


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