Week 10: Day 1


Another 3.4 pounds down this week for a grand total of 34.7 pounds GONE!

This weight is kind of nostalgic for me. 250.4 was exactly the weight I was the last time I joined Weight Watchers and proceeded to lose 50 pounds. I hit 199 before the proverbial shit hit the proverbial fan and I maintained for a year before starting to gain about 15 pounds before our wedding. I was the weirdo who GAINED weight before getting married.

I remember getting on the scale for my first check up with my new doctor after our honeymoon to see 225 lbs. Then I remember seeing 265 last summer. That “I never want to see this number again” number was 250.4

So I’m seeing it again, but I’m on the way down! 35 pounds down is a reward number for me… so hopefully next weekend I’ll be able to go get a facial! My skin is kind of a mess and could really use it.

As for this week… I’m nervous about Thanksgiving. I have great control over what I eat when it’s a choice between something at home or my OptiFast products. My mom is amazingly supportive and is making whatever I need, so I talked to my doctor and am meeting with the dietician on Wednesday to plan out my meal. I’m eating some darn Thanksgiving food! That day, Thursday, is also the first day of Hanukkah and our 4th wedding anniversary. Thanksgivukkahversary as we’re calling it 🙂

I have to remember that it’s mostly about the family, the conversation, the being thankful…not all about the food!

But I’m not going to lie. I’m excited to have a bit of turkey and a few brussels sprouts and some turkey soup. I realized the other day: I haven’t used a fork in 10 weeks. Or a plate. Or chewed more than one snack a day.

(Holy crap I’m rambling today)

Some numbers, to keep me in perspective when I get tired of liquids:

34.7: pounds lost

2: pants sizes down (it’s probably more, but because I wasn’t wearing clothes that fit, I’ll never know)

1: band sizes down (44 to 42)

10 or more: Clothing items I couldn’t wear at the beginning of the school year that are now too big

2: Sweaters returned because I bought them too big

4: Inches away from the steering wheel in my car

0: Inches away from the steering wheel in my car when I started this

12: Crochet projects completed

Ok, I’ll stop rambling now.


  1. Just remember that you are doing this so you can have lots more anniversaries, hannukahs and Thanksgivings with your loved ones! You won’t remember NOT overindulging next year, or when you get on the scale after Thanksgiving! Keep up the great work!


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