Week 14: Then and Now


On my first week of eating real food one meal a day, I managed to lose 4.8 pounds. I’m officially down 52.8 pounds in 14 weeks. I’m still in shock and I weighed in on Thursday.

Winter break has been the relaxing time I’ve so desperately needed, and I’ve spent each dinner time (my chosen meal) slightly indulging the cravings I’ve had since I started this program. When I say slightly, I mean slightly.

I thought I’d go through a few “then and now” comparisons.

Then: sushi dinners out would consist of 5-6 big rolls shared between Adam and me, usually full of tempura, mayo, and other delicious yet horrible for me ingredients.

Now: 3-4 ounces of sashimi and cucumbers or daikon.


Then: Dinner at Wildfire would be half of a chopped salad with dressing, an 8 or 10-ounce filet crusted in bread crumbs and horseradish and wrapped in bacon, a huge baked sweet potato or creamed spinach, and then dessert.

Now: One small plate of chopped salad with less than a teaspoon of dressing, half of a petite filet (so about 3 ounces) and about a cup of steamed broccoli.

Then: Chinese food out would be an egg roll or crab rangoon, followed by Mongolian beef and white rice, and then probably a trip to the fro-yo place afterward.

Now: Shrimp and broccoli, steamed, with brown sauce on the side.

Then: I’d leave most meals stuffed beyond comfort, and still wanting more. My clothes would be uncomfortably tight, and I’d repeat the same behaviors over and over, wondering why I couldn’t lose weight.

Now: dinner out is remarkably freeing. I’ve spent more time talking and less time eating, and am surprised at the end of each meal as to how little I need to be satisfied. I’m used to the sort of “empty” feeling I’ve had while on OptiFast, and I’m finally familiar with the feeling of being satisfied instead of being full.

I’ve had a few milestones this week besides hitting the 50-pound mark: I purchased a sweater at Ann Taylor Loft, something I haven’t done since 2008. On a whim, I went to the sale at Dick’s Sporting Goods to look for a new winter coat, assuming I’d have to buy something from the men’s section. I ended up with my first non-plus-size women’s coat since 2007 (on sale no less!) I booked a trip to Phoenix for spring break,and I’m looking forward to hiking and being active rather than dreading every bit of physical activity.

I’ve been long-winded enough!

Here’s to a great end of the year, and a happy new year to all!


  1. Congratulations on your amazing success so far – I am In New Zealand – Caitlin in Australia shared your blog with me I have read back since November 🙂 I love the way you think and how you have shared so many things I could not put into words 🙂 thanks for giving me the motivation to give this 100% I’m on my 2nd attempt (last year I did it half hearted – lost weight but nowhere near how much I should/could of) but this year I am in a whole new mindset – I will continue to follow your blog – thanks for sharing xx Deb


  2. I’ve just read through your wonderful blog. I love your positive, bubbly attitude to everything. It’s so inspiring to read. I’m on Week 10 of my Optifast diet, but I live in Australia and ours is slightly different to yours. Still, it’s mainly the products and I can relate to almost everything you’ve said!

    I’m so glad you have got to enjoy your sashimi at last!! I’ve been planning my first Transition meal since Week 2! Cannot wait for that chicken and avocado salad, I tell you! It’s so funny how we crave REAL healthy food now. Before Optifast I would have been dying for chocolate or hamburgers or wedges!

    I hope you’ve had a wonderful break over the New Year! I look forward to seeing your next post!


  3. I have another 2 weeks of Optifast. I just hope that I will do so well with the real food as you do. I am a bit stressed and overwhelmed with the idea of picking and choosing my food again. I just hope our nutritionist in the group will help me with these first meals.


  4. Thank you so much for your blog! I just started my optifast adventure this week. I had my first group meeting and will start my shakes next week. Your journey has been so inspiring and you look fantastic! I look forward to continuing to read your blog posts. I’ve also started blogging – though it feels like only mass-marketers have found the site – LOL. http://optifastadventurer.blogspot.com/ Feel free to stop by! Cheers, Christy


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