Weeks 18 & 19


i truly cannot believe that it’s been 19 weeks since I ate a high-fat, high-carb, crazy-caloric day of meals and wondered why I felt like garbage all the time.

NINETEEN WEEKS since I had to gear myself up to get up from the couch.

NINETEEN WEEKS since I looked like 10 pounds of fat in a 5 pound bag. I was pale, pimply, tired all the time, and had so little energy that even walking upstairs was a chore.

My last two weigh ins were rather uneventful. I’m now down a total of 59.9 pounds. I know, I could’ve gone to the bathroom and lost that extra .1, but whatever.

I’ve loved eating one meal a day while still having the security of my Optifast products most of the day. I’m a little nervous to move on to two meals a day, so I’m putting it off for a while longer.

Some things I’m proud of accomplishing (and I need to update my list of goals!)

  • I’m down 5 jeans and dress sizes from a 22 to a 14W
  • My feet are no longer wide
  • I can wear low heels for a whole day (not that I do often with all this freaking snow)
  • I can workout without pain (except the kind I’m looking for!)
  • I don’t reward myself with food, at all

And, finally, I can proudly post pictures like this:

59 lbs gone

The left photo was Western Day in July 2013. The photo on the right was taken Friday, January 31 at the Jean Banchet Grand Chef’s Gala where my sister won Pastry Chef of the Year! 59.9 pounds. I’m still in disbelief.


  1. Your progress has really inspired me to get serious about losing weight! Thank you so much for being so open and honest.

    One question — how tall are you?

    Thanks! You rule!!
    A non-creepy stranger named Lindsay (I promise)


  2. Wow, you look great! I’m in my 4th week with Optifast and am in a great program with my doctor, dietician, and weight loss counselor. I weigh in again this coming Wednesday and I’m eager to find out how much more weight I’ve lost. So far, as of last week, I’m down 12 pounds. I’m starting with a trainer this week and hopefully that will make an even bigger difference. I hope to have as great of success as you have!


  3. You should be so proud of yourself Mara! I have been rewarding myself with non-foodie stuff too – like if I track my food on sparkpeople for 2 weeks, I’ll get a manicure – it’s motivating!

    You look great!!


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