171 Days

It’s been 171 days of following my plans.

171 days of high-protein, low-carb, completely different eating (and “eating” in those early days).

171 days of avoiding sweets, pasta, bread, potatoes, and other starchy foods I’d come to call friends over the last few years.

171 days of re-teaching myself how to eat for fuel and necessity rather than solely for pleasure and comfort.

I think it’s fair to say I’ve come a long way.

As of this week, I’m down 68.1 pounds.

According to a fun list I found online, and a few of my own calculations, I’ve lost:

  • 68 guinea pigs
  • a baboon plus an average human brain
  • 3.5 automobile tires
  • 4.25 sperm whale brains
  • An elephant’s penis
  • $1,459,519.20 in gold (at $1339.50 per ounce, today’s cost)
  • 3 bags of our dog’s food
  • 1 of the members of our 6th grade wrestling team
  • 272 sticks of butter

I’ve still got a ways to go…but seeing my progress this far has been SO motivating! I get to eat real food snacks starting this week, so I’m down to three meal replacements! I’m counting down the days until Spring Break, since I’m heading to Phoenix for a few days. Warmth is much-needed after this hell of a winter.


Me and my bestie, Lizz, at her birthday party last weekend


  1. Hi Mara – I just discovered your blog a few days ago and have worked my way through all of your posts. It was really interesting to read and inspiring to see your “before & after” pictures.

    You should be very, very proud of yourself – anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows how difficult it is to do. You do look great and I am happy to read that you are feeling good, too. Congratulation to you and continued best wishes on this journey.


  2. A 6th grade wrestler…hilarious comparison! Terrific job, Mara. Really, you should be so proud of yourself. Not many people can pull this off and you’re doing it! Keep up the good work girlfriend!


  3. All I have to say is – an elephant’s penis weighs 68 pounds!?!? Well, that’s not all I have to say. I also have to say – YOU GO GIRL! You are doing so great and are such an inspiration to others!


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