Resetting the Reset

well, it’s been a while.

See, I had a plan. I was thisclose to hitting -100 pounds. I was going to post something when I hit that number.

And I got cocky.

Bites here and there of treats turned into meals here and there. And then a day here and there. I found myself straying from my plan.

So now I’m up 6 pounds from my lowest weight, and before this gets out of control, I’m resetting my reset.

I’m going back to basics. No, not OptiFast again because, to be honest, it’s too freaking expensive. I’ve stocked up on Atkins brand ready-to-drink shakes and bars, and I’m going back to a “full fast” mentality for at least the next couple of weeks. I’ll have what they call a “lean and green” dinner… like I was back when I started on food again, instead of “oh this won’t be that bad” and “I can control myself.”

As a friend once told me, waaaaay back in my Weight Watchers days:


None is definitely easier than some. To truly avoid the temptations is much simpler for me than trying to control them… so here I go again.


  1. Hi Mara! I was a bit obsessed with your blog & was wondering how you are doing. 🎯 I’ve gained about 7 back, but I’m still finding new ways I appreciate my overall weight loss every day! I still bump into people I haven’t seen in a while & I realize how so much happened in a short time. πŸ‘ I’ve fallen off the myfitness pal wagon, but I’ve decided to start measuring more behavioral goals like logging my food, hitting my step goal, and going to the gym so I focus less on my ability to burn calories & more on healthy habits. 🚴 I’ll warn you, I’m all talk, but let’s hope it turns to action! πŸ‘ After spring break, I’m hoping to turn a new, more pre-planned leaf. πŸƒ


  2. It’s funny because I know lots of bloggers Mara who have lost a lot of weight, and I’ll see people leave them comments that say “the hard part is over, now just maintain!” Easier said than done! You’ve got this! πŸ˜€


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