Non-Food Rewards

I’m a huge fan of non-food rewards for weight loss. I always tell others to use them, and now I’m making a list of my own!

Start: anchor ring (one made by my mom, one with my monogram) Keeps me grounded and focused

-10 lbs : no-chip manicure and pedicure 

-25 lbs: haircut at the good salon

-35 lbs: hair color re-do

-50 lbs: hot stone massage

-55 lbs: new nail polish

-60 lbs: contact exam and new contacts

-70 lbs: butterfly tattoo

-75 lbs: new clothes

-80 lbs: Alex and Ani bracelets

Under 200 benchmark: Purchase lululemon workout clothes

-100: Peony tattoo on my shoulder

I’ll keep updating this as I think of more things!


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