Week 7: Day 1 (Small Goals)

It’s really amazing to me how second nature this whole “eating only Optifast products” thing has gotten. I look forward to my morning shake (even though it’s getting cold out and the whole frozen beverage thing might not be the best idea soon.) and I really enjoy my evening soup. It’s kind of strange though. I miss cooking: the preparation, the chopping, the shopping… but not so much the eating. It’s weird.

I’ve been thinking a lot about goals too. I get so focused on the number that I’m hoping to hit someday soon, that I lose track of the smaller goals I’m hoping to hit. I’m not talking about numbers here either. This is something that an old Weight Watchers leader once asked us to do, and I’m doing it again, right here, right now:

  • Shop at Banana Republic again
  • Fit into clothes at Lululemon
  • See my collarbones and jaw bones
  • Wear heels for longer than a couple hours
  • Be satisfied with a small plate of food, instead of a mountain
  • Be able to run up the stairs without being winded (really close to that one!)
  • Buy any pair of glasses from Warby Parker without worrying about how wide they are.
  • Run the PanCan 5K
  • Wear a belt

I’ll add more as I think of them. I think this is a great start!

Week 6: Days 6 & 7

I told you I was tired.

So tired, in fact, that I went to bed without doing much of anything last night. My students will have to wait for their graded papers. Sorry guys.

I weighed in today too…


I lost another 1.1 pounds this week.

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little disappointed. I know in my rational head that losing over a pound in a week is good and healthy. But, after 6 weeks of losing about 5 pounds a week, seeing that little number was a bit disconcerting.

But I DID lose weight. And I’ve lost over 26 pounds in just over 6 weeks. That’s INSANE. And AMAZING. It’s time to actually start exercising though, which I’ve been dreading. Any insight on a good treadmill for the house?

Well, my grad school work is done for the night, so I’m signing off to be unproductive now. I can’t believe that I’m starting my 7th week of this program. I honestly was unsure if I’d make it this far…

Week 6: Day 4 (Month 1 Numbers)

One of my main reasons for embarking on this crazy OptiFast journey was not just to lose weight. My blood numbers (cholesterol, triglycerides, A1C, etc) were horrific.

As of August 18, 2013, my total cholesterol was 266, Triglycerides were over 300, and my A1C was 6.1% (this is a measure of Type 2 Diabetes risk.)

As of October 24, 2013, just 5 weeks after starting my Optifast program, my total cholesterol is 216, triglycerides were down to 220, and my A1C is down to 5.8.

While yes, the weight loss is super nice, I’m honestly thrilled about these numbers going down. This is only ONE month in, and I’m already seeing blood work results. I can’t even imagine how much they’ll go down by December or January!!

And with that, I’m off to bed. It’s way past my bedtime…

Enjoy this cute picture of our babycat Zooey, dressed up like a bunny, being held by my mom.


Week 6: Day 1 (On Smells)

Something I’ve noticed over the past few weeks is that my sense of smell is significantly more sensitive than it had been pre-Optifast.

I can now smell the Chinese restaurant on my way home a good 5 blocks before I used to be able to. If someone is grilling anywhere in the vicinity of my house, I can smell it. Microwaved lunches at school are now easy to pick out while still in my basement classroom. The chopped onions from the chili bar at the staff dinner yesterday? Yeah, I could smell those about 10 classrooms away from the room where dinner was served.

It’s not always food though. Scent is one of the most powerful things for recalling memories…

For those of you who don’t know, my dad passed away almost 3 years ago from pancreatic cancer. He was a natural healer, and his house in Oregon towards the end smelled nearly consistently of burning sage, incense, and a variety of essential oils. A trip to a “hippie” store brings me back to those days.

But a dad walking down the hall at school yesterday, wearing a fresh spritz of cologne that smelled vaguely of vetiver threw me back to days in my childhood home, eagerly getting ready for a dinner out with my family, and going into the bathroom after my dad had gotten himself ready. HIs cologne was vetiver, and that one whiff yesterday made me 9 years old again, standing on a stool in my bathroom, wiping the steam off the mirror and carefully putting on my piña scolada Bonne Bell lip smackers.

This morning, a mom walked into a conference with damp hair and the unmistakeable scent of Paul Mitchell mousse filled the air. Suddenly it was summer, and we were home after a hot day at the beach, and we’d all showered off the sand, and my mom had applied her mousse to create her signature perfect mane of spiral curls.

It’s really remarkable all the things I notice now that my mind isn’t constantly preoccupied with “what am I going to eat next?”

As promised to myself, I treated myself to a haircut at the fancy salon as a reward for having lost 25 pounds. I’m THRILLED with the results! I feel more put-together, and my stylist couldn’t stop raving about how great I looked. It was a phenomenal pick-me-up


Week 5: Day 7 (Long Days)


Another 5.3 pounds gone in another week. I could really get used to these results!

Results are really what have kept me going, especially the last few days. Working until 8 p.m. when my normal bedtime is around 9 has put a damper in my regular schedule. Luckily, I managed to time my eating so that I could still have soup when I got home, which makes it so I know that it’s a) night time and b) time to stop eating for the day.

Today’s weigh in brought a few other things as well! I hit my first 25 pounds gone, which means I’m rewarding myself with a haircut at the fancy salon tomorrow! I’ll make sure to post a photo. It also marks the point where I “only” have 100 pounds to lose until I hit the “healthy” BMI range. I also had blood work done, so I’ll be really curious to see if there are results there as well.

I noticed today, while getting dressed, that there are a few places where I used to have rolls, or “squish” as I call it, that I no longer do. The small of my back, for one, my shoulders are narrower, and I could, for the first time, sit at a student’s desk during a parent-teacher conference today. It was lovely.

And, in honor of #throwbackthursday and the fact that my sister is going to Paris… a photo of us at 5 and 1 (I’m the big sister!)


Week 5: Day 1 (With a BANG)

(Ok, I really need to double check that my Friday posts actually post…written last night)

The news of the fact that I’m down almost 20 pounds in 4 weeks was exactly what I needed to keep motivated this morning. I woke up raring to go, and even spent some extra time curling my hair to look pretty for picture retakes. I’ll be curious to see the difference between my two photos, and the difference between today’s photo and what I may look like when they come in!

Other things learned today:

  • Having an upset stomach on this plan is no picnic.
  • Cramps still suck.
  • Torani sugar-free brown sugar cinnamon syrup is disgusting.
  • taking photos of a sweet 9 month old baby makes me want one. Hence this whole crazy weight loss plan. Seriously, look how sweet he is!


So, my week 5 has started out with a bang! Still motivated, feeling better, looking better…and people are starting to notice…I swear that’s the best motivator!

Week 4: Day 7 (So close, yet so far)


Again I say, HOLY CRAP!!! I lost 3.8 pounds for a total of 19.9 in 4 weeks. I really should’ve gone to the bathroom again to hit that 20 lb. mark, but at least I know I’ll hit it next week!

I’m really really trying to not get hung up on how far I still have to go in this weight loss journey. If I continue losing at this rate (which will likely NOT happen, it’s just the way it is) I’ve got at least 20 MORE weeks to go. I know that I won’t lose at this rate, and will likely have at least a year.

At least.

I have 120 pounds left to go.

But I’m not going to focus on that…

I’m going to focus on the fact that 4 weeks ago, I had 140 pounds to lose. And taking that first step is harder than the whole journey.


Week 4: Day 6 (Fishing…for compliments)

I’m a slave to the trendy when it comes to technology.

I’ve been on Twitter since 2006, and instagram since 2011. These newer trends of theme day instagram hashtags (#transformationtuesday, #throwbackthursday, #flashbackfriday, etc.) are just up my alley. I love digging out old pictures.

I wasn’t going to do progress pictures per se, but I do take pictures here and there, and if I happen to notice a change, awesome.

On a whim, for #transformationtuesday, I posted this yesterday:


The left photo is from my trip with my sister to Florida in mid-August. The right is from Saturday. Once I posted it, my instagram and Facebook BLEW UP. I got comments, likes, thumbs-ups, and each one was motivation.

And this is from today:


I’ve lost a few chins already. I wore a 2-year-old cardigan today that I couldn’t button last winter. This is only a 16 (or maybe a few more) pound change. I can’t wait to see what is down the road…

Week 4: Day 2 (Bullet Points)

I’m a big huge fan of bulleted lists… I seriously use them so often that they’re in my lesson plans, on my whiteboard, and all over my cooking blog.

So, in no particular order, bullet points about OptiFast so far:

  • Powder shakes in the blender > ready to drink shakes
  • Ready to drink shakes > “blender bottle” powdered shakes
  • Strawberry shakes taste like my childhood… in that “when I had strep and had to take penicillin” kind of way.
  • A squirt of lemon juice makes the tomato soup truly tasty.
  • A shake of parmesan cheese would make it better
  • Whoever said that mixing vanilla powdered shake mix with root beer to make a “root beer float” must never have had a root beer float from Oberweis.
  • I wish I could say that my extra time that’s not being used cooking or grocery shopping was being used for something productive, like exercise. Nope. Extra time means more crocheting. Giant granny square blanket, here I come!
  • Fruity-smelling Yankee Candle melts keep me sane. McIntosh and Meyer Lemon in particular.
  • I get to school much earlier now that I don’t stop at Starbucks.
  • I can wear my jeans for much longer now since they actually FIT.
  • I’d still really love some salmon sashimi and some roasted vegetables
  • I have a new yoga app on my iPad that I may actually bring myself to try.
  • I still can’t handle more than 2 fiber gummies.
  • My favorite bar is the chocolate one, closely followed by the berry one, and lastly, the chocolate peanut butter one. This is shocking to me too since peanut butter is a food group.
  • I drink between 70-100 ounces of water a day, yet I’m not always running to the bathroom. Thank you Teacher Bladder!
  • I get a little thrill every time I look at my progress graph… it’s over there —-> in the “progress” page.
  • I may have made 7 different progress graphs before I was satisfied with that one.
  • I’m truly grateful that this program exists, that the staff of my center is so awesome, and that I have such supportive family and friends. Adam has been particularly patient with this whole thing!
  • Ok, I think that’s it now.