Week 7: Days 5-6 (The Truth)

I had a friend ask me yesterday if this whole OptiFast thing was as easy as I’ve made it seem here on my little blog.

The truth? NO WAY.

Absolutely, no freaking way is this easy. I mean, sure, I don’t have to plan a darn thing, everything is more or less done for me, I have a built in support system, great doctors and nurses at the weight loss clinic, and the biggest thing is that I have a MAJOR “wanna” to get this done. It’s like in “Stand and Deliver”… you have to have the GANAS. That I have.

But, seriously, I miss cooking. I miss the stress relief after a long day of chopping up vegetables and stabbing garlic cloves into a roast. I miss the smells in the house, i miss roasting vegetables, I miss grilling and even grocery shopping. I miss chewing. I get one bar (maybe two) a day, and chewing gum isn’t the same. I miss going out to eat (not the food so much, but the keeping each other company and talking thing). I miss eating things that aren’t sweet. Breakfast is sweet, lunch is sweet, my snacks are sweet… I have one bowl of soup a day that’s not sweet. I’d still hurt someone for some salmon sashimi, or hell, a glass of wine.

But here’s the thing: the fact that I feel so incredibly great, and for the first time in years I’m losing weight without it being a constant conversation in my head.

“What are we doing for lunch? I don’t know, what are we doing for lunch? I had oatmeal for breakfast which was this many points/calories/units/whatevers so for lunch it needs to be this many points/calories/units/whatevers, and I know that dinner is this many…”

HOLY CRAP it was exhausting. Everything was food. I suddenly have this extra time and energy that isn’t revolving around food. I have 10 minion hats to crochet, and i’m not even concerned about my grad school work.

So is this easy? No. But is it worth it? Absolutely. I figured out today that I can no longer “belly bump” the back gate open. THAT is worth it.

And now, your dose of Zooey Kitten:



Week 5: Day 7 (Long Days)


Another 5.3 pounds gone in another week. I could really get used to these results!

Results are really what have kept me going, especially the last few days. Working until 8 p.m. when my normal bedtime is around 9 has put a damper in my regular schedule. Luckily, I managed to time my eating so that I could still have soup when I got home, which makes it so I know that it’s a) night time and b) time to stop eating for the day.

Today’s weigh in brought a few other things as well! I hit my first 25 pounds gone, which means I’m rewarding myself with a haircut at the fancy salon tomorrow! I’ll make sure to post a photo. It also marks the point where I “only” have 100 pounds to lose until I hit the “healthy” BMI range. I also had blood work done, so I’ll be really curious to see if there are results there as well.

I noticed today, while getting dressed, that there are a few places where I used to have rolls, or “squish” as I call it, that I no longer do. The small of my back, for one, my shoulders are narrower, and I could, for the first time, sit at a student’s desk during a parent-teacher conference today. It was lovely.

And, in honor of #throwbackthursday and the fact that my sister is going to Paris… a photo of us at 5 and 1 (I’m the big sister!)


Week 5: Day 1 (With a BANG)

(Ok, I really need to double check that my Friday posts actually post…written last night)

The news of the fact that I’m down almost 20 pounds in 4 weeks was exactly what I needed to keep motivated this morning. I woke up raring to go, and even spent some extra time curling my hair to look pretty for picture retakes. I’ll be curious to see the difference between my two photos, and the difference between today’s photo and what I may look like when they come in!

Other things learned today:

  • Having an upset stomach on this plan is no picnic.
  • Cramps still suck.
  • Torani sugar-free brown sugar cinnamon syrup is disgusting.
  • taking photos of a sweet 9 month old baby makes me want one. Hence this whole crazy weight loss plan. Seriously, look how sweet he is!


So, my week 5 has started out with a bang! Still motivated, feeling better, looking better…and people are starting to notice…I swear that’s the best motivator!

Week 4: Day 6 (Fishing…for compliments)

I’m a slave to the trendy when it comes to technology.

I’ve been on Twitter since 2006, and instagram since 2011. These newer trends of theme day instagram hashtags (#transformationtuesday, #throwbackthursday, #flashbackfriday, etc.) are just up my alley. I love digging out old pictures.

I wasn’t going to do progress pictures per se, but I do take pictures here and there, and if I happen to notice a change, awesome.

On a whim, for #transformationtuesday, I posted this yesterday:


The left photo is from my trip with my sister to Florida in mid-August. The right is from Saturday. Once I posted it, my instagram and Facebook BLEW UP. I got comments, likes, thumbs-ups, and each one was motivation.

And this is from today:


I’ve lost a few chins already. I wore a 2-year-old cardigan today that I couldn’t button last winter. This is only a 16 (or maybe a few more) pound change. I can’t wait to see what is down the road…